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We provide a wide range of services to suit your Volkswagen & European Vehicles, from basic oil changes to complete services and diagnostics to aftermarket product installations like, Air Ride Systems, Coilovers, Big Brake Kits, Engine Rebuilds & more…

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If you don’t see a service listed, this does not mean that we cannot cover it. We have extensive knowledge in various aspects in any type of mechanical and electrical work. Need to install an air ride system? Turbo upgrade? Fuel Pump? Diagnose an issue with your car? Consultation on something specific? hit us up and we will be happy to help.

We provide two forms of oil services, the regular maintenance service interval where we replace the oil, filter and drain plug & the half interval service where the oil is extracted from the car. 

Oil Service, Oil Filter Replacement, Drain Plug Replacement & more…

Need to service your transmission? we do fluid flushes on transmissions  & mechatronic units. We also do diagnostics on both.

Transmission Fluid Replacement, Mechatronic Fluid Flushes & more…

We cover all types of brake jobs, from brake pad replacement to installing a big brake kit. 

Brake Pads, Rotor Facing, Brake Bleeds, Brake line replacements, Brake component servicing, Caliper Rebuilding
& more…

Complete Diagnostics Services for All Vehicle makes & Models, Key Programing & Coding, Immobilizer Adaptation & Coding, Used or new control module adaptation & Coding. ECU & TCU Coding.

Key Programing, IMMO Immobilizer programing & Coding, Used or New Control Module Adaptations & Coding

Inspect, clean & get your injectors running at optimal performance, We make sure all your injectors are spraying an even amount of fuel. 

Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning, Testing, Reporting
Volkswagen Engine Oil

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General Services
5 Services
Oil Change Change your oil and filter
Oil Change without filter Quick Oil Service recommended for 5,000 KM using the means of extraction
Spark Plug Replacment Replace Your Spark Plugs
Fuel Injector Service Test, clean & rebuild your low pressure fuel injectors (X4) to guarantee their optimal performance.
Compression Test Test your cylinder compression to insure they are up to manufacture specifications
6 Services
Front Brake Pads Replacement Replace your front brake pads, clean & grease the caliper carries, pins and boots.
Rear Brake Pads Replacement Replace your rear brake pads, clean & grease the caliper carries, pins and boots.
Front Rotors Replacement Driver and passenger side rotor replacement
Rear Rotors Replacement Driver and passenger side rotors replacement
Brake Fluid Flush Replace your volkswagen brake fluid with fresh new fluid
Brake Fluid Boiling Point Test Test the boiling point of your fluid to make sure it's up to spec.
4 Services
DQ200 Transmission Service Fluid Change
DQ250 Transmission Service Fluid and Filter Change
Haldex Service Fluid Change
Transfer Case Service Recommended fluid replacement along side Haldex Service.
3 Services
Multi Point Diagnostics Inspection Buying a car or need to make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound?
System Diagnostics Check engine light or not. Let us scan your vehicle using dealer level diagnostics equipment and provide you with a detailed system status report.
Mechanical Diagnostics Abnormal Shifting? Weird Noise? an issue you are not able to figure out? let us diagnose it and find out what the cause is. 15 BD Starts From
Key Programing
3 Services
Key Programing Reprogram an old key or a new key on any brand & model vehicle 15 BD Starts From
All Keys Lost Have no keys at all? No worries, we can setup and program new keys for your vehicle. 40 BD Starts From
Immobilizer Coding Replace an old non functioning immobilizer unit with a new or used one. 10 BD Starts From


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