Key Programing in Bahrain

Key, IMMO, Component Programing & Coding

We provide Key Programing Services for all car makes and models, Additionally Component learning & adaptation for Immobilizer units. We also provide all keys lost adaptation/coding, in the case that you have no keys for your vehicle, we can code new keys. We can also adapt a new immobilizer unit to replace a malfunctioning or missing unit on your vehicle. Our Programing & Coding services are dealer level and cover all scenarios possible for any key coding requirements. 

Our services are comprehensive and cover all major branded vehicles, in most cases we can visit and program keys at your convenient location.

Below are some of the services we can cover for your vehicle:

Coding, Adaptation & Programing

Need to reprogram a key? Find out immo pin? or don't have any keys for a car you need to use, we can cover your needs with the services we offer with ECU & IMMO programing, coding & adaptations for all brands & model vehicles.