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About Euromotive

Who Are We?

We are enthusiasts and homebrew mechanics who share a passion for cars. We don’t compromise on quality and use the latest digital and mechanical equipment to deliver exceptional diagnostic and repair services. With a deep understanding of this platform, we can offer you a wide range of services to meet your needs.

We are customers just like you

We Understand ...

We are car owners ourselves and we know first-hand the common issues that can occur with vehicles. As experts in both mechanical and electronic diagnostics, we have the skills to diagnose and service your car effectively, making use of our experience and knowledge to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly.

Our Services


Oil Service

We offer various types of oil services for your vehicle, including full service interval oil changes that entail oil, filter, and drain plug replacement. Our aim is to provide you with convenient and reliable oil change options that help keep your vehicle in top condition.


Transmission Service

Our transmission fluid, Haldex fluid, and mechatronic fluid flush services help to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s internal components. By opting for these services, you can give your vehicle the care it deserves, ensuring that it performs optimally and lasts longer.


ECU TCU Diagnostics

We are equipped to provide comprehensive diagnostics for your vehicle, including those related to the check engine light, transmission errors, and adaptations. Additionally, we can adapt a new or used control module, ensuring that your vehicle operates at peak performance. Trust us to provide you with reliable and effective solutions to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Brake Service

Whether you need to replace your brake pads, install a big brake kit, or upgrade to new brake fluid and stainless brake lines, we have got you covered. Our range of services also includes expert caliper rebuilding, ensuring that your vehicle’s brake system performs optimally. Trust us to handle all of your brake-related needs and more.


Suspension Service

Whether you need to replace a suspension component bushing, install coilovers, or even a complete air ride system, we are your one-stop shop for all your vehicle suspension needs. Rely on us to provide you with top-quality services that satisfy your vehicle’s specific requirements.

Key Programing

Key Programing

If you have lost your car keys and do not have a replacement, we can help you code a new key or even handle an “all keys lost” scenario. Our services include adapting a new IMMO unit and fixing anything related to security, ensuring that your vehicle is protected and secure at all times.

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