Fuel Injector Service in Bahrain

Do Fuel Injectors Really Need Cleaning?

Do your vehicle’s fuel injectors really need to be cleaned? We understand there is misinformation out there surrounding fuel injector cleaning. You might think it’s a scam automotive service shops employ to get money out of you, but this simply isn’t true. Let’s talk about fuel injectors and how they can get clogged and end up needing to be cleaned.

Your car has a combustion chamber that needs both fuel and air to start and run the engine. The fuel injectors use a combination of nozzles, pumps, and valves to spray fuel into the combustion chamber cylinders. If the cylinders do not get the right amount of fuel, you will notice problems with the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

The most common problem injectors face is clogging, and the fuel combustion process is to blame. Even though your vehicle cannot start without combustion, it is this combustion that leaves carbon deposits on the fuel injector nozzles. Combustion also leaves carbon on the pistons. You can tell your fuel injectors are clogged or getting dirty if you notice

Any of these signs indicate a problem somewhere in your vehicle’s fuel system. If it isn’t the injectors, it could be the fuel pump or fuel filter. You may also have clogged fuel lines. Bear in mind that even if you buy premium fuel, it has sediment in it that can be drawn out of the tank by the fuel pump and circulate through your engine.

Fuel Injector Bench Test

Our service covers a detailed report of your injectors showing their performance before and after the bench test. This test incompasis what the injectors would experience from a range of a car idling to extreme engine load.

Additionally, we back flush & ultrasonic clean your injectors to make sure any debris & contaminants if present are removed internally. We also change out all the rubber o-rings including the internal filter.

The primary benefits of fuel injector cleaning are: