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Viton 75A Duro O-Ring

  • Made of Viton (fluorocarbon elastomer) for use with a variety of Acids, Chemicals, Oils, fuels & Methanol or Ethanol and has a durometer (hardness) of 75A
  • Meets Aerospace Standard AS568A
  • For use across a wide temperature range from -26 to 232 degrees celsius
  • 70 shore A hardness o-rings cover all automotive intended applications.

Measurements Key:

  • The first number corresponds to the (ID) Inner Diameter of the o-ring
  • The second number corresponds to the width / thickness of the o-ring

1.000 BD6.000 BD

1.000 BD6.000 BD

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Step 1: Inside Diameter
The ID measures the space between the inner edges of your o-ring. To find this measurement, lay your o-ring on a flat surface. Use a ruler to measure from one inner edge of the o-ring across to the inner edge. Depending on the size of your o-ring, the ID may be recorded in inches or millimeters. This will help determine how large of an opening your seal should have.

Step 2: Cross-Section
The CS of your o-ring is otherwise known as the width or thickness of the seal. To measure the CS, you will likely need a vernier caliper. Place the o-ring in the caliper lightly, without compressing it. Measure and record the width of the rubber. This is an important measurement, as the width of the seal plays a major role in a seal’s compression resistance, volume swell and abrasion resistance.

Step 3: Feel for Hardness
Every rubber material has a unique hardness, which is measured by the Shore A durometer scale. A general rule of thumb is the harder the compound, the higher the durometer. Standard rubber compounds generally have 70 Shore A hardness, but hardness can vary based on the material and the application.  70 shore A hardness o-rings cover all automotive intended applications.

o ring measurement graph

O-Ring Size

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