Car Inspection Services in Bahrain

What do we inspect?

When buying a used car or owning a car with no service history, it is advisable to have it looked through to know its condition. We make sure we cover the necessary in our 8 Point Safety Diagnostics Inspection service. This service covers the following…

  • Coolant & rubber hoses
  • Visual Oil leaks
  • Visual engine oil condition
  • Cylinder compression
  • Piston & Cylinder condition
  • Spark plug condition
  • Timing belt condition (where applicable)
  • Fluid leaks
  • Drivability & shiting test
  • Driveshafts & CV boots
  • Steering rack condition & leaks (where applicable)
  • Tie rods & ball joints condition
  • Front & rear suspension condition
  • Front & rear control arm bushings / ball joints condition
  • Suspension bushings condition
  • Tire condition
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Front & Rear brake pads health
  • Brake caliper condition (boots, pistons & bleeder)
  • Brake lines condition (rubber & hard lines) 
  • Brake fluid boiling point test (dry & wet)
  • Fuel line condition
  • Exterior injectors condition
  • Frame & body condition (previous damage or accident)
  • A/C cooling & heating report (Interior vent temp reading)
  • Alternator ripple test & output voltage load test
  • Battery voltage reading & condition
  • Full dealer level component system scan report
  • IMMObilizer System Scan / Health Check

8 Point Safety Diagnostics Inspection

We recommend this service for clients who are looking at purchasing a used car or have a car with no known service history. Below is a list of categories we cover with this service.